Generally, the country-style table is large and for that reason ideal for families or for folks who regularly entertain. These tables are usually created from a solid timber, like oak or pine, making them very robust. They also have an uncomplicated design suited to most schemes, although, pleasingly, many country tables feature elegantly turned legs that support the tabletop. The only real consideration in buying this style of table is whether to look for an upmarket one, such as a French colonial table, or one with the rustic selling point of an English country farmhouse.

Bedroom Furniture Terms

  • Armoire: a massive wardrobe or cupboard; typically very ornate
  • Baseboard: a panel that forms the foot of the bed; conjointly known as footboard
  • Bed frame: the part of the bed used Baby-kids by pdp Coupon to position the mattress or box spring depart the floor
  • Box spring: a cloth-coated frame that contains rows of coil springs; used to support a mattress
  • Bunkie board: used for mattress support on a bunk bed; like a box spring for a regular bed
  • Canopy bed: ornamental bed with posts at every of its four corners; Chanler 6 Drawer Double Dresser with Mirror by Union Rustic typically has cloth draped between the posts
  • Case merchandise: furniture that is not upholstered and is made of wood
  • Day bed: an upholstered couch which will turn into a full-size bed
  • Dresser: a chest of drawers sometimes used for holding clothing or personal items
  • Footboard: a panel that forms the foot of the bed; additionally referred to as baseboard
  • Futon: a skinny mattress placed on a Cricklade Armoire by Viv + Rae raised, baby-kids foldable frame
  • Headboard: a panel the forms or is placed behind the pinnacle of a bed
  • Nightstand: a little bedside table; usually has drawers for storage
  • Platform bed: a bed consisting of a mattress on a solid platform raised off of the ground; generally contains Berghauser Wooden 5 Drawer Chest by Ebern Designs storage space
  • Slats: a thin, slender Baby-kids by pdp Coupon piece of wood, plastic, or metal that is used as support for a bed
  • Sleigh bed: a bed with a solid headboard and footboard that rolls outward at the high Baby-kids by pdp Coupon to resemble a sleigh
  • Split box spring: a foundation created from two separate box springs placed facet by aspect
  • Wardrobe: a tall cabinet in which clothing may be stored or hung


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